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Manufacturer: ROLAIR
SKU: 271276446538
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ROLAIR AIR COMPRESSOR FILTER ELEMENT Part#: 431 PAC#: 14 3 x 4.38 x 2.3/8 This air filter is a two-stage element consisting of prefilter on the outside diameter and pleated polyester as the final stage. The air filter can be used for Ingersoll Rand Type-30 compresssors as well as small rotary screw air compressors. How It Works This Air Filter Replacement is your first line of defense against dust, smoke, oil spray and other airborne contaminants which can greatly reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Using this product can prevent harmful contamination present in the ambient air which could potentially cause catastrophic damage to your equipment. Holds its Shape This Air Filter holds its shape under extreme pressure and will maintain the maximum surface area for superior performance. Its rigid construction helps maintain consistent pressure differentials keeping the filter from collapsing and shutting down your equipment. Superior Design Because of the exceptional engineering and raw materials this filter is designed to outlast the competition.Where other manufactures filters fail this filter is built with such features as steel metalwork, steel or rubber end-caps and metal to metal welding, which helps your compressor can perform more efficiently and last much longer. REPLACEMENT FOR: CHAMPION INGERSOLL RAND AND MANY OTHER BRANDS REPLACES THE FOLLOWING PART NUMBERS: FE001 P05050A, P05051A, 355-9702, 355-9700, IR416, 4ZJ93, 32170979, 110377E075, ST073907AV