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Extreme Transformation Of Air Compressor Into BBQ

making air compressor into bbq

Extreme Transformation Of Air Compressor Into BBQ Learn How to Transform an Air Compressor into a Barbeque Have you ever thought about combining two of your favorite things: barbeque and gadgets? Well, why not turn your plain old air compressor into a unique and truly impressive grilling machine? Not only will you be the talk […]

How to Rebuild a Rolair/Chinook K30 pump / Snap-On BRA6180V Pump


How to Rebuild a Rolair/Chinook K30 pump / Snap-On BRA6180V Pump NOTE: Threaded end of crankshaft has a left-hand thread. Remove nut by turning clockwise. Use two or three prong wheel puller to remove flywheel. Apply a small amount of oil between puller and crankshaft. Entire crankshaft/connecting rod/piston assembly can be removed from crankcase after […]

How it Works: Pilot Air Compressor Valves

131B2 ROLAIR PILOT UNLOADER VALVE FOR MODELS 5715K17DC 6820K17DC 5520K17DC 271228725425

How it Works: Pilot Unloader Valve Instead of one component doing all these things, the piloted unloader valve is a multifunctional part. It can activate an engine idle control and reduce oil consumption by equalizing pressure between your pump’s tanks with checked valves for each cylinder as well! In this article we’ll go over what […]

How to Rebuild a JENNY/ EMGLO Air Compressor Pump

jenny/emglo air compressor part

HOW TO REBUILD A JENNY/ EMGLO Air compressor pump Today we’re going to rebuild a K/KU pump for Jenny. Also known as Emglo and some models of DeWalt. The heads are identical across the K pumps, G pumps and very similar on the W pumps. Start with the intake valve, which is a K145. […]


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