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Only nano could give you this much performance in such a small package. The innovative STERLING filtration media in the SEP 60 ST oil water separator gives it the ability to outperform separators 4 times its size. And the benefits don’t stop there. No more maintenance. No pre-soaking. No messy carbon bags to replace. No oil collection containers to empty. No settling tanks to clean. Simply clean condensate. The SEP 60 ST is the first disposable oil water separator of its kind. With a media life of up to 8000 hours, install it and forget about it. Advanced STERLING filter media
Traditional oil water separators use activated carbon which is messy and requires pre-soaking, a long contact time, and frequent replacement. The SEP 60 ST is a new approach to oil water separation using a new, advanced, proprietary, noncarbon based media in a disposable cartridge.
Unrivaled performance – even on synthetic oils
The SEP 60 ST doesn’t need a settling tank like a traditional separator which means no sensitivity to oil or drain type. Synthetic oil? Emulsified mixture? No problem.
Easy to size
Sizing a traditional separator often requires that you consider condensate flow, ambient conditions, compressor type, oil type, pressures, temperatures, and other equipment. The Sepura oil water separators can be sized quickly and easily based on just the air or gas flow. Nothing else!
Easy to install
Traditional separators use big heavy settling tanks that need level floors and can’t be moved. The SEP 60 ST can be mounted on a wall or a compressor housing – anywhere. And unlike carbon, the STERLING media bags require no pre-soaking – your separator is ready to use, right out of the box. Push fit inlet and outlet connections simplify things even further.
Easy to maintain
There is no settling tank to clean, and no oil collection container to empty. When it is time to replace it, just seal it with the included cap and dispose of it. The oil is trapped in the cartridge.
How it Works
Up to 99% of condensate discharged from the average compressed air system or gas system is water. The NANO SEP 60 ST oil water separators use STERLING filtration media to separate the oil and lubricants from the water. This innovative, technologically advanced and proprietary media is non-carbon based and 100% recycled. It actively absorbs the oil while repelling the water, providing outlet oil concentrations down to 5 ppmv or less so the remaining water can go safely down the drain(1).
Condensate from a compressor, refrigeration dryer, cooler, filter, or any other drain point can be piped directly to the SEP 60 ST oil water separator and attached using the simple push to connect fittings. First it passes through the primary filter where the condensate is depressurized and solid particles and bulk hydrocarbons are trapped within a high capacity oil absorbent.
Next, the condensate passes through a deep bed of advanced STERLING filtration media which absorbs any remaining oil.
Simple and effective – no messy carbon, no settling tanks, no oil containers. Just clean condensate. (1)Before disposing of any condensate, test it to ensure you are in compliance with all local regulations regarding oil and other contaminants. Sizing & Specifications

Maximum Capacity (1) 60 scfm
102 Nm3/hr
Connection Sizes Inlet 1/4” Push Fit
Outlet 3/8” Push Fit
Dimensions Height 9.4” (239 mm)
Width 5.5” (140 mm)
Depth 5.5” (140 mm)
Weight 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
Inlet Pressure Maximum 232 psig (16 bar)
Inlet Temperature Minimum 35 ˚F (1.7 ˚C)
Maximum 110˚ (43.3˚C)
Expected Media Life At 30 scfm (1) 8000 hours (12 months)
At 60 scfm (1) 5000 hours (7 months)
Maximum Oil Carry Over
(at end of media life) < 20 ppmv blank (1)At a reduced flow of 30 scfm, life expectancy for the SEP60 ST media increases to 8,000 hrs (12 months)

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