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Troubleshooting Common Problems with Air Compressors

air compressor troubleshooting

Air compressors are nifty tools that handymen often use to power their pneumatic tools. With regular use, however, these compressors may wear down and start experiencing problems. These problems can range from minor leaks to major parts failure, which can hinder the performance of your equipment and impact work efficiency. If you’re experiencing problems with your air compressor, read on as we outline some common issues and their possible solutions.

Common Problems from Faulty Air Compressors


Air leaks can cause problems to your compressor, leading to a loss of efficiency or power. This can be caused by broken hoses or loosening bolts and fittings, as these create a gap large enough for air to escape from. Fixing this issue is easy, simply inspect all of the hoses and fittings to check for weakness or other cracks within them. If you spot a leak then you should do your best to tighten that area up as much as reasonably possible. Failing that, if you do detect a crack in something like a hose then it’s probably worth changing out that part and replacing it with a fresh, good quality hose.


Heavy use of air compressors brings the risk of a motor or pump becoming overworked and overheating, potentially leading to complete machine failure if left unchecked. Factors that exacerbate this risk are insufficient oil lubrication and clogged filters restricting air flow. To keep your compressor in optimal condition and help avoid costly apparatus breakdowns, ensure the unit is adequately supplied with oil lubrication on a regular schedule, in addition to replacing air filters when they become worn or blocked.

Low pressure

Experiencing low pressure on your machine isn’t something to take lightly. Several causes could be at play, such as blocked air filters, an inadequate oil level, or general wear and tear. Taking preventive measures is the best way to stave off future issues. Start by making sure the air filter is in good shape and clean it or replace it when needed – that alone could make a big difference. If there’s no relief, check the lubrication on the machine then proceed by verifying that all parts are in working condition like they should be.

Faulty pressure switch

The pressure switch plays a crucial role in the operation of a compressor. It regulates the air pressure within the system, making sure that it remains at optimal levels. But if this same pressure switch malfunctions, it can bring production to an abrupt standstill. As such, it’s
necessary to replace the faulty pressure switch. Fortunately, the replacement is simple; look for compatible models and install them in place of the worn-out one. Doing so will help return your system’s performance to its peak efficiency levels in no time.

Unusual noises

The loud noises coming from the compressor could be indicative of a range of different issues. From loose bolts to malfunctioning valves, these noises may signal an underlying problem. Carefully evaluating and examining the compressor should be your first step in determining what problems are present. Begin by inspecting the machine for parts that are not installed securely. If you find any loose bolts, ensure they are tightened adequately to their correct specification. After completing these steps, it is still possible that no improvement has been made to address the noise issue. At this point, contact a professional with expertise in dealing with compressor problems in order to diagnose and fix the issue correctly.

Air Compressor Problems and Maintenance in Portland, Oregon

Air compressors are critical pieces of equipment used by handymen for various applications. With frequent use, however, they can encounter problems that can lead to power inefficiency and even machine failure. As highlighted above, some of the common problems include low pressure, overheating, leaks, faulty switches, and unusual noises. Regular maintenance practices, such as cleaning and replacing air filters, inspecting bolts, and properly lubricating the machine, are essential in avoiding common air compressor problems. If issues persist, contact a professional for a diagnostic check or repair.

Pacific Air Compressors provides air compressor maintenance. Ignoring issues with your air compressor can lead to bigger problems. It is important to provide your air compressor with proper maintenance for long term use. Contact Pacific Air Compressors in Portland, Oregon.
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